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9 Things To Know About Lip Fillers

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Like many women, I have always wanted fuller lips. As I aged, my already thin lips, became thinner, and thinner! I was hyper focused on my upper lip and HATED the lines above it! I was afraid of getting something injected into my lips and even more terrified of looking like a duck or even worse...Snooki from the Jersey Shore! Read on to learn the 9 things I discovered about getting my lips filled and the answers to questions we all want to know.

  1. Will I look like a Duck or Snooki from the Jersey Shore? No, not at all! Done properly, lip filler can subtly enhance your pout for a slightly fuller lip.

  2. How about those pesky "smokers' lines"? GOODBYE! As it turns out, lines above the upper lip aren't always caused by smoking. They can be a natural part of the aging process and are the result of lost volume. Who Knew??

  3. How long will it take? It only took about an hour or so, but it depends on how much volume you'd like to achieve. It takes far less time than getting your hair done, and if you're like me...sitting for hours in a salon chair, isn't my favorite thing to do!

  4. Will it hurt? I wouldn't say it hurt; it was just uncomfortable. Before I was injected, my lips were covered in a prescription strength numbing cream (sorta like the numbing cream used at a tattoo shop).

  5. Will I feel the filler in my lips? No, the filler seemed to melt into my lips leaving me with smoother, fuller, softer lips.

  6. Will I swell? Yes. Lips are super sensitive, so the swelling starts immediately. And, truthfully, I was pretty shocked when I first glanced at myself in the mirror. But, within 48-72 hours the swelling was gone (and I wanted it back).

  7. Will I bruise? Yes, in some spots, I did bruise (and you might too). The bruising took about 1 full week to dissipate. But a little concealer and lipstick did the trick to hide the bruising.

  8. How long will the lip filler last? Everyone is different, but lip filler usually lasts for 9-12 months!

  9. What if you're unhappy with the outcome? You can go back and have it dissolved. Fillers can be dissolved with Hylenex, an enzyme that melts away hyaluronic acid quickly and safely. did they turn out? Awesome! No Duck Lips or Snooki here! In retrospect, I shouldn't have waited so long to take the leap into getting my lips done. If it makes you feel beautiful, DO IT!!

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