Botox isn't just for crows feet and frown lines, it can be used to enhance the lips too!

WHAT IS IT? The botox lip flip involves injecting 4-6 units of botox above the upper lip. Injecting into this area allows the upper lip to relax the muscles that connect the upper lip causing the lip to curl outward.

THE RESULT? The apperance of a larger upper lip with a more defined shape.

CAN IT BE COMBINED WITH FILLER? Oh Yes! While a lip flip won't add volume, it can enhance and boost the results of filler.

WHAT ABOUT A GUMMY SMILE? Botox has you covered there too! To treat a gummy smile, injections are made to relax the lip elevator muscles which extend from the sides of the nose to the corners to the upper lip. This relaxes the upper lip so that less gums are showing when you smile.

HOW LONG WILL A LIP FLIP LAST? A Lip flip will last about 8-10 weeks, however, everyone metabolizes botox differently so you may see results for a longer or a shorter amount of time.

HOW WOULD A LIP FLIP LOOK ON YOU? To see how a lip flip might look on you, place your pointer fingers above either side of your upper lip and gently push towards the face.


Check out Emma's before and after

Some things to consider before getting the "flip"

  1. You may have trouble sipping from a mug.

  2. You may have trouble whistling.

  3. You may have trouble swishing mouth wash or brushing your teeth.

  4. You may have trouble pronouncing certain words.

  5. You may have trouble using a straw.

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I've spent more time than I'd like to admit, prepping, curling, gluing and applying magnetic eyeliner (and failing miserably) to achieve the look of luxurious lashes. For me, age came with, short, sparse, wonky eyelashes and a not so steady hand (oh..and a magnifying mirror and reading glasses too). So, I started to look for alternatives to restore my lashes to their former glory and cut some time off my makeup application. Read below my tips for fabulous lashes every day!

  • Grow them with Latisse! While the results may not be instant, once the magic happens, your lashes will grow like weeds. Applied nightly to the upper lash line, within 8 weeks you'll start to see results. You'll need to be consistent until you see results so, be diligent. Trust me, even the shortest lashes will spring into action with this amazing growth serum. Give it some time, before you know it, you'll be well on your way to achieving Mr. Snuffleupagus status lashes.

  • Give them some lift! Along with everything else that's succumbing to gravity, your eyelids can begin to fall too. (weeeeee, are we having fun yet?) If you're one of the lucky ones WITHOUT hooded eyes, you could get away with using a traditional eyelash curler and still be able to see your lashes. Unfortunately, I'm NOT one of the lucky ones, and while my eyelash curler did a fair job, the weight of my lids crushing my lashes pulled out the curl within a few hours. So, what to do? Lift them with a perm! Yes, that's's like a perm for your lashes! The process of a lash lift takes about an hour and lasts 6-8 weeks. Hooded or not, say goodbye to that pinchy eyelash curler.

Check out my Before and After using Latisse in conjunction with a lash lift. Goodbye DRAB, Hello FAB!

If It Makes You Feel Beautiful Do It!

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Spring has finally sprung and it's time to think about Spring Skin Care. Read our 6 Spring Skin care tips for glowing skin.

  1. Sunscreen! Protecting your skin from the sun is a big deal! While the warm rays of the sun sure can feel good on your skin, it's harmful rays can damage it. Aside from causing a nasty sunburn, too much exposure can cause cancer, hyperpigmentation (those brown spots on your face aren't freckles) cell damage and cell death. Uh huh, I said CELL DEATH! Yikes!!

  2. Make water your BESTIE! Water is essential for glowing skin. Yes, really ! Drinking too little water can cause dehydration. Proper hydration levels help the skin to become plump and improves its elasticity. More water, plumper skin, less wrinkles.

  3. Exfoliate! A gentle exfoliation can do wonders for bringing back a healthy glow. Just remember, once you've exfoliated, it's important to apply a good moisturizer and sunscreen.

  4. Grab a sunless tanner for a sun kissed glow. I know what you're thinking....sunless tanner=orange skin. Not anymore! Sunless tanners have come along way. These days, with a little practice, faking a tan is as easy applying your favorite body lotion. And, if you're pressed for time or don't feel comfortable doing it at home, there's always the option of getting a spray tan. A beautiful tan without the sun damage? YES PLEASE!

  5. Invest in good skin care. Choose skin care with quality ingredients and clinical studies.

  6. Adopt a skin care routine and stick to it. Adopting a skin care routine takes time (something we all wish we had more off) but NOT having one will take even more time and money. Just think, 3 minutes in the AM and 3 Minutes in the PM could save you time and money in the long run!

Our favorite products to care for your skin this spring!

Ultra Nourishing Moisturizer

If you tend to skimp on the water (leaving your skin dehydrated ), you will fall in love with this moisturizer! This lightweight formula is like a tall drink of water for your skin. We love this formula for all skin types! It's non comedogenic formula won't clog pores or cause breakouts!

Hydratint Pro Mineral Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 36

This tinted mineral sunscreen is perfect for the spring and summer. It's universal tint works on most skin types and we love that it can be used for both men and women.

Regenerating Skin Nectar with TriHex Technology

Magic in a bottle! This formula works to clear out damaged collagen and elastin and supports the production of new collagen and elastin. The addition of Arnica calms post- procedure skin and helps to reduce recovery and downtime.

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