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Have you heard about the Lip Flip?

Botox isn't just for crows feet and frown lines, it can be used to enhance the lips too!

WHAT IS IT? The botox lip flip involves injecting 4-6 units of botox above the upper lip. Injecting into this area allows the upper lip to relax the muscles that connect the upper lip causing the lip to curl outward.

THE RESULT? The apperance of a larger upper lip with a more defined shape.

CAN IT BE COMBINED WITH FILLER? Oh Yes! While a lip flip won't add volume, it can enhance and boost the results of filler.

WHAT ABOUT A GUMMY SMILE? Botox has you covered there too! To treat a gummy smile, injections are made to relax the lip elevator muscles which extend from the sides of the nose to the corners to the upper lip. This relaxes the upper lip so that less gums are showing when you smile.

HOW LONG WILL A LIP FLIP LAST? A Lip flip will last about 8-10 weeks, however, everyone metabolizes botox differently so you may see results for a longer or a shorter amount of time.

HOW WOULD A LIP FLIP LOOK ON YOU? To see how a lip flip might look on you, place your pointer fingers above either side of your upper lip and gently push towards the face.


Check out Emma's before and after

Some things to consider before getting the "flip"

  1. You may have trouble sipping from a mug.

  2. You may have trouble whistling.

  3. You may have trouble swishing mouth wash or brushing your teeth.

  4. You may have trouble pronouncing certain words.

  5. You may have trouble using a straw.

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