How to take your Lashes from DRAB to FAB!!

I've spent more time than I'd like to admit, prepping, curling, gluing and applying magnetic eyeliner (and failing miserably) to achieve the look of luxurious lashes. For me, age came with, short, sparse, wonky eyelashes and a not so steady hand (oh..and a magnifying mirror and reading glasses too). So, I started to look for alternatives to restore my lashes to their former glory and cut some time off my makeup application. Read below my tips for fabulous lashes every day!

  • Grow them with Latisse! While the results may not be instant, once the magic happens, your lashes will grow like weeds. Applied nightly to the upper lash line, within 8 weeks you'll start to see results. You'll need to be consistent until you see results so, be diligent. Trust me, even the shortest lashes will spring into action with this amazing growth serum. Give it some time, before you know it, you'll be well on your way to achieving Mr. Snuffleupagus status lashes.

  • Give them some lift! Along with everything else that's succumbing to gravity, your eyelids can begin to fall too. (weeeeee, are we having fun yet?) If you're one of the lucky ones WITHOUT hooded eyes, you could get away with using a traditional eyelash curler and still be able to see your lashes. Unfortunately, I'm NOT one of the lucky ones, and while my eyelash curler did a fair job, the weight of my lids crushing my lashes pulled out the curl within a few hours. So, what to do? Lift them with a perm! Yes, that's's like a perm for your lashes! The process of a lash lift takes about an hour and lasts 6-8 weeks. Hooded or not, say goodbye to that pinchy eyelash curler.

Check out my Before and After using Latisse in conjunction with a lash lift. Goodbye DRAB, Hello FAB!

If It Makes You Feel Beautiful Do It!

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