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Treatments for your Entire Wedding Party

If there’s one thing that’s certain when it comes to a wedding, it’s that it can be a very stressful time for everyone. Daily stress can leave skin looking dull and tired. Treatments like, cosmetic injectables, skin resurfacing and rejuvenation, facials and peels (to name a few) will leave your skin picture perfect for your wedding day!

Our Medspa Team has extensive experience working with brides, grooms and wedding parties to help them look their best on the big day. With treatment options designed to reveal your most beautiful skin, our team will work with you to develop a treatment plan based on your wedding timeline.

Elevate your wedding day glow with our specialized bridal services, ensuring you look and feel radiant on your special day.
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Whether you're looking to soften lines, restore lost volume or enhance your lips, it’s always a good idea to start cosmetic injectables—particularly if you’re a newbie—as soon as possible. You'll want to have enough time to do a few sessions so that you can get comfortable with how it looks and feels, and so that you and your injector can discuss the best areas to treat and the amount of injectables that work best for you.


Depending on your skin concerns, type and goals, we can help you achieve glowing, even-toned skin with a customized skin care plan. Custom facials, Hydrofacials, Microneedling with PRF, Chemical Peels and Dermaplaning can all work together to reveal fresh, rejuvenated skin, soften superficial lines and address skin tone and texture concerns. You can complement these services with add-on services like Red light Therapy, oxygen Therapy, Cryo Therapy and Nano.

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As soon as you get engaged, it’s time to start thinking about preparing your skin for your wedding day. Planning your skin care treatments will take time to achieve your desired results. Start with a Bridal Consultation as far in advance from your wedding date as possible. This will give us, and you, time to execute a customized treatment plan that will ensure your skin is glowing and beautiful on your special day.The following guide will assist you in planning your beauty treatments in accordance with your wedding date.

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We’ve got you covered with everything you and your bridal party will need for healthy glowing skin on your big day! Want to say 'I do' next week? Great, let's get moving! Prefer to take your time and enjoy your engagement? That's great too. Use our wedding skincare guide below and adjust your treatment times according to your wedding date. 

12 Months Ahead ( Or as soon as possible)

  • Bridal Skin Care Consultation

  • Cosmetic Injectables

  • Initial Facial

3-4 Months Ahead

  • Chemical Peels

  • Microneedling with PRF

  • Maintenance Facials

1-2 Weeks Ahead

  • Final Facial

  • Dermaplaning

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